Preface xi


The Humanities: An Introduction 1

What Is A Work of Art? 18

Being a Critic of the Arts 47


Painting 63

Sculpture 95

Architecture 126

Literature 171

Theater 199

Music 225

Dance 256

Photography 278

Cinema 304

Television and Video Art 333


Is It Art or Something Like It?  352

The Interrelationships of the Arts 379

The Interrelationships of the Humanities 400

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9th edition
McGraw-Hill, 2014
F. David Martin and Lee A. Jacobus

The Humanities Through the Arts, ninth edition, explores the humanities with an emphasis on the arts. Examining the relationship of the humanities to values, objects, and events important to people is central to his book. We make a distinction between artists and other humanists: Artists reveal values, while other humanists examine or relect on values. We study how values are revealed in the arts, while keeping in mind a basic question: “What is Art?” Judging by the existence of ancient artifacts, we see that artistic expression is one of the most fundamenial human activities. It binds us together as a people by revealing the most important values of our culture.

Our genre-based approach offers students the opportunity to understand the relation of the arts to human values by examining in-depth each of the major artistic media. Subject matter, form, and content in each of the arts supply the framework for careful analysis. Painting and photography focus our eyes on the visual appearance of things. Sculpture reveals the textures, densities, and shapes of things. Architecture sharpens our perception of spatial relationships, both inside and out. Literature, theater, cinema, and video make us more aware of the human condition, among other ideas. Our understanding of feelings is deepened by music. Our sensitivity to movement, especially for the human body, is enhanced by dance. The wide range of opportunities for criticism and analysis helps the reader synthesize the complexities of the arts and their interaction with values of many kinds. All of this is achieved with an exceptionally vivid and complete illustration program alongside detailed discussion and interactive response to the problems inherent in a close study of the arts and values of our time.