Teaching Literature: A Collection of Essays on Theory and Practice
Prentice-hall, 1996 
Preface, v 
Criticism and its Function 
1. The Function of Criticism at the Present Time and All Others, 1 Stephen Booth 
2. Half Someone Else's: Theories, Stories, and the Conversation of Literature, 9 Jo Keroes 
3. The Institutional Rhetoric of Literary Criticism, 22 Steven Mailloux 
4. A Passage into Critical Theory, 49 Steven Lynn 
5. Is There a Fish in This Text?, 64 Robert Scholes 
Theory and the Classroom 
6. Reflections on the Freshman English Course, 77 Richard Marius 
7. A Teachable Theory of Interpretation, 93 William R. Schroeder 
8. Literary Texts in the Classroom: A Discourse, 121 Claire Kramsch 
9. Literary Theory and Literature Teachers: New Life for Introductory Courses, 137 Carole L. Edmonds and Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr. 
10. Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos: Some Thoughts on the Current State of English Studies, 145 Martin Mueller 
11. The Use of the Word Mistake in the Teaching of Poetry, 1 H. R. Swardson 
Literature and Writing 
12. On the Possibility of a Unified Theory of Composition and Literature, 176 Patricia Bizzell 
13. Literary Theory and the Reading Process: A Meeting of Perspectives, 182W. John Harker 
14. Post-Structural Literary Criticism and the Response to Student Writing, 196 Edward M. White 
New Criticism Today 
15. Validity in Interpretation, 206 E. D. Hirsch, Jr. 
Literature, Reading, and Response 
16. Reader-Response and the Pathos Principle, 224 Nan Johnson 
17. Theory in the Reader: Bleich, Holland, and Beyond, 238 Kathleen McCormick 
18. The Reader in History: The Changing Shape of Literary Response, 254 Jane P. Tompkins 
Feminism and Deconstruction 
19. From the Inside Out: On First Teaching Women's Literature and Feminist Criticism, 284 Deanne Bogdan 
20. Deconstructing Writing Pedagogy, 298 Sharon Crowley 

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